About Layger Brewhaus

Layger Brewhaus is a two-man homebrewery based in Longmont, Colorado (with occasional brews in Louisville, Colorado). We brew all-grain and partial mash ales and lagers in 5-gallon batches, reserving 1 gallon of every batch for our (mostly) annual homebrew-tasting party known as Oktobertheseventhfest.

Brewers Jon and Dave got their start in early spring 2003 with the maiden voyage of a homebrew kit Dave had given Jon as a groomsman gift at his wedding. As hop pellets disintegrated into a boiling, pungent, green sludge, Jon turned to Dave and said, “We’re gonna’ drink what that turns into!”.

Layger Brewhaus was born.

Don’t miss:

  • Our Beers: Known for creative flavors and outrageous beer labels, our beers now also feature our recipes so you can brew them, too. All we ask is that if you brew a Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe, send us a note to let us know it turned out.
  • OktobertheSeventhFest: First held on October 7th, 2006, this beer-tasting party offers our friends a chance to sample our beers and tell us what they think of our four most recent brews. “The Fest” often opens with an off-kilter skit that introduces each new beer and showcases their oddly themed labels.
  • The Layger Way: Good beer makes good company, just as good company makes good beer! We have gathered the most important lessons we’ve learned the hard way into a series of helpful guides for new, aspiring, and experienced homebrewers.