Imperial March Stout

Imperial March Stout bent drinkers to its will. To date, this hefty brew is the crowning achievement of Layger BrewHaus. With luxurious mouthfeel, complex grain notes, and a malty finish uncluttered by bitterness, I.M.S. changed minds about the heavy hand of stout ales. Turn to the Dark Side.   Octobertheseventhfest comments: "Feel no drunk do … Continue reading Imperial March Stout

Bock Bock

Despite its name, Bock Bock was a single bock brew from the roundly bodied, malty family of bock ales. It did not actually taste like chicken. Neither did it taste like a traditional bock; many Bock Bock beers were drunk mistakenly, thinking they were Amber Alerts. Tastes Like Chicken? Beer Beta: Style: Bock Malts: Malted … Continue reading Bock Bock