Grunge Up German Altbier

Grunge Up was surprisingly establishmentarian. A deceptively mellow ale made from dark malts, hallertau and spalt hops, and munich and caramunich grains, Grunge Up resembles the body and feel of both oktoberfest and amber beers without tasting quite like either. Grunge Up is dark and leathery, a little bit creamy and a little bit smooth, … Continue reading Grunge Up German Altbier


IRA Red might have sparked a revolt, especially amongst lovers of amber ales. Pale syrup, English crystal malt, Victory malt, UK Golding hops, gypsum, and Irish moss give this red a citrusy delicious flavor. IRA Red is an orangey brown color, closer to an amber, but with an intense attack that explodes in the mouth. … Continue reading IRA Red