Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - IRA Red AleIRA Red might have sparked a revolt, especially amongst lovers of amber ales. Pale syrup, English crystal malt, Victory malt, UK Golding hops, gypsum, and Irish moss give this red a citrusy delicious flavor. IRA Red is an orangey brown color, closer to an amber, but with an intense attack that explodes in the mouth. Sweet and warm in the throat, IRA Red is a red ale in a class of its own.

Kiss yer blarney goodbye!

Beer Beta:

Style: Irish Red
Malts: pale malt extract, English 40L crystal malt, Victory malt, roast barley
Hops: UK Golding
Yeast: Irish Ale

Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“Only thing yer IRA red bottles are good for is target practice. #@$% Englishmen”—JK
“The first thing that hits me is a nuttyness. Not hoppy, not intrusive, sort of under the sensors. Not exactly like an insurgent, but more… conducive to talks. I guess that would make it more like the IRA. I like this beer. I could start drinking from the top-o’-the-morn. Not a lot of head, an easy drinker. Could easily get you into an irish bar brawl, a little sweet, a little sarcastic, but with a good punch.”—Ben W .


This rendition based on the McCarthy’s Bane Irish Red Ale recipe available at What’s Brewin’ in Boulder, CO.

red/orange color, sweet, touch of toasted malt aroma, clean finish
slight fruitiness
medium body, very mild hop flavor
makes 5 gals

6.5 lbs pale syrup
.5 lb English 40L crystal malt
.25 lb Victory malt
4 oz roast barley
6 HBU UK Golding hops (HBU = ounces x alpha acid %)
1 tsp gypsum
.5 tsp Irish Moss
White Labs Irish Ale yeast or Wyeast 084 Irish ale yeast

1. add gypsum to 2 gallons water, heat to 165 deg F.
2. remove from heat, put cracked grains in a grain sock, steep 20 min
3. remove grains, sparge, discard
4. return to a boil then remove from heat
5. add syrup and malt
6. return to a boil, add the hops
7. boil for 30 mins
8. add the Irish moss
9. boil for 15 more mins.
10. 30 min ice bath
11. transfer to FERMENTOR bucket, top off with cold water from sink sprayhose to 5 gallons
12. when wort has cooled to 70 deg F, add yeast and stir well
13. ferment between 66 and 72 deg F


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