Flamin’ Mamie Chili Honey Pilsner

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Flamin' Mamie Chili Honey PilsnerA Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe

Beer Beta:

Style: Pilsner
Malts: light malt extract, honey
Hops: Czech Saaz
Yeast: Czech Pils
Other: roasted ancho chili peppers, Irish moss


Questions? Ask the Brewer: Dave

Octobertheseventhfest comments:

“Mamie would make Roger Rabit say ‘Jessica Who?’ VERY subtle hints of spice in a smooth, slightly hoppy brew.”—Kris & Lori

“This beer is exciting. It makes your tongue tingle on a journey from sweet to spicy bite. I enjoy the fact that the same mouthfull changes over time. It never gets too spicy. It hurts, but it stays with you. Every sip reminds me of eating taquitos, chimichanga, and fried ice cream. When I drink this…. I am South of the Border.”—Ben W.


This recipe is based on the Mickviray Papazian Pilsener from Charlie Papazian’s book, Microbrewed Adventures. Papazian’s recipe does not include honey or peppers.

6 lbs light malt extract
1-3 ancho chili peppers (or pablanos)
.75 lbs honey
4.25 oz. Czech Saaz hops 4% alpha
.25 tsp. powdered Irish moss
Wyeast Czech Pils yeast #2278 or White Labs Pilsner Lager yeast WLP800
.75 cup corn sugar

1. Add malt extract, honey, and .75 oz. hops to 2.5 gallons hot water. Stir well. Bring to boil.
2. Boil 15 min. and then add 1 oz. hops.
3. Boil 40 min. and then add 1.5 oz. hops.
4. Boil 18 min. and then add 1 oz. hops.
5. Boil 2 min. and turn off heat (total boiling time will have been 75 minutes).
6. Cool the wort in an ice bath for a half hour or so.
7. Strain/sparge hops. Pour wort into Fermentor and top off with cold water to 5 gallons.
8. Aerate the wort (stir vigorously or use spray nozzle when filling to 5 gallons).
9. Wash, then roast the chili peppers until slightly browned (toaster oven works fine). Cut into strips. Remove and discard seeds. Add pepper strips to fermenting bucket.
10. When wort reaches 70 degrees F, add the yeast.
11. Seal the Fermentor and ferment for a week or so.
12. Transfer to bottling bucket, add priming sugar, bottle for at least 4 weeks.

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