Saison De La Revolution

This saison bursts forth with an effervescent energy; a bottled bubble maelstrom. Sweet banana notes waft into the nostrils before this ample brew ripens on the tongue. This traditional harvest-season brew candycoats your mouth with maize syrup, then emboldens the soul for the season to come. Recipe revolted!

Whistlestop Chili Steam

A Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe Longtime Layger Brewfriends may recognize this mashup between Steampunk Lager and Flamin' Mamie Chili Honey Pilsner from Oktobertheseventhfest Part Drei in 2008. Whistlestop drinks smooth and spicy like Steampunk yet ratchets up the heat in the back of the mouth. Get steamed! Recipe has hopped on the last train to … Continue reading Whistlestop Chili Steam