Muckraker Brown Ale

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Muckraker Brown AleFrom plying the depths of man’s machinations, the Muckraker Brown Ale has become embued with a dark and mysterious hue. No gaze can penetrate this ale’s blackstrapped innards for few browns hold the gravitas of the Muckraker. Bodied like a brown, Muckraker’s heavily roasted aftertaste wishes you a good night, and good luck.


Based on the Sweet Brown Ale from Homebrew Favorites by Karl F. Lutzen and Mark Stevens


4 lbs pale malt extract or golden light extract
4 lbs amber extract
12 oz crystal malt
4 oz chocolate malt

1 oz Willamette
1 oz Fuggles
1 oz Saaz hops

1 tsp gypsum

Wyeast 1338 European


1. Heat 2 gals water, add gypsum, add cracked grains in a bag, boil.
2. Remove grain bag, sparge, discard
3. Return to boil then remove from heat.
4. Add malt extracts and 1 oz Willamette hops, return to boil
5. Boil 15 mins
6. Add 1 oz Fuggles
7. Boil 43 mins
8. Add 1 oz Saaz hops
9. Boil 2 mins
10. Ice bath for 30 mins
11. Transfer to fermenter, top with cold water to 5 gals
12. When wort has cooled to 70 degF, add yeast and stir well
13. Ferment between 58-62 degF


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