Imperial Guard Oatmeal Stout

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Imperial Guard Oatmeal StoutOats, Barley, dark roasty malts

Chinook hops

The Force is strong with this one.


Based on the Terrapin Imperial Oatmeal Stout Clone from Hopville website.


6 lbs dark dry malt extract
3 lbs dark dry malt extract
1 lbs 2 oz caramel or crystal malt at 80L
14 oz flaked barley
14 oz flaked oats
7 oz roasted barley
7 oz black malt
7 oz chocolate malt

1.5 oz Chinook (60 min boil)
1 oz Nugget (30 min boil)

White Labs California Ale V (WLP051)

1 tsp Irish moss (15 min boil)


1. Bring 3-4 gallons water to 165 degF.
2. Crack the grains. Steep them for 30 minutes or so.
3. Sparge!
4. Add the malt extract. Bring water to boil.
5. Add Chinook hops and boil for 30 min.
6. Add Nugget hops and boil for 15 min.
7. Add Irish moss and boil for 15 min.
8. Remove from heat. Cool in ice bath to 70-80 degF.
9. Transfer to primary fermentation bucket. Add yeast, stirring well.
10. Ferment until bubbling has stopped (1-3 weeks).
11. Transfer to secondary fermentation bucket. Wait a week for sediment to settle.
12. Bottle! Then wait 4-8 weeks to enjoy!

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