London Underground Cream Ale

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - London Underground Cream AleWillamette and Fuggle Hops

Fast Malty Flavor!

Mind the Gap


Based on a London Cream Ale recipe from


9 lbs pale liquid extract

2 oz Willamette
1 oz Fuggles

8 oz maltodextrine
1 tsp Irish moss

London Ale Wyeast Labs #1028

1. Activate yeast.
2. Bring 2-3 gallons water to 165 degF.
3. Add malt extract. Bring water to boil.
4. Add 1 oz Willamette and 1oz Fuggles. Boil 45 min.
5. Add .5 oz Willamette and Irish moss. Boil 10 min.
6. Add .5 oz Willamette and maltodextrine. Boil 5 min.
7. Remove from heat. Cool in ice bath to 70-80 degF.
8. Transfer to primary fermentor. Add yeast, mixing well.
9. Ferment until bubbling stops (1-3 weeks).
10. Transfer to secondary fermentor for 1 week until sediment settles.
11. Bottle! Wait 4-8 weeks to enjoy!

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