Ski Wax American Pale Ale

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Ski Wax American Pale AleFloral hops with bite

Clean, crisp, fast flowing

12 oz Liquid Speed



6.5 lbs extra pale liquit malt extract
1.5 lbs munich liquied malt extract
.5 lbs crystal malt 10L

2 oz Cascade

Nottingham ale yeast


1. Heat 3 gallons water to 152 degF.
2. Steep grains for 60 min.
3. Sparge!
4. Add 1 oz Cascade and boil 30 min.
5. Add .5 oz Cascade and boil 15 min.
6. Add .25 oz Cascade and boil 10 min.
7. Add .25 oz Cascade and boil 5 min.
8. Remove from heat. Cool in ice bath to 70-80 degF.
9. Transfer to primary fermentor. Add yeast, mixing well.
10. Ferment until bubbling stops (1-3 weeks).
11. Transfer to secondary fermentor for 1 week until sediment settles.
12. Bottle! Wait 4-8 weeks to enjoy!

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