Bron Yr Aur Nut Brown Ale

A Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe Hello, there. I caught you smilin’ at me. I’m Bron Yr Aur, a Nut Brown Ale brewed the way I should be, with the wettest hard water, caramelized grains, a touch of barley and chocolate malts. Mingling with the acrid autumnal Golding hops, this is an ale that will always … Continue reading Bron Yr Aur Nut Brown Ale

Jack’s Pumpkin King Ale

What's this? This is the good doctor’s new creation! Think of all you have in common with Jack’s Pumpkin King Ale: big personality, a spicy disposition, lively effervescence, a sweet side carefully balanced with brawn. With Jack’s in your hand, every conversation will be worth having. Recipe TK