Bron Yr Aur Nut Brown Ale

Layger Brewhaus Beer Label - Bron Yr Aur NutBrown Ale
A Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe

Hello, there. I caught you smilin’ at me. I’m Bron Yr Aur, a Nut Brown Ale brewed the way I should be, with the wettest hard water, caramelized grains, a touch of barley and chocolate malts. Mingling with the acrid autumnal Golding hops, this is an ale that will always treat you right, no matter the occasion, dish, or time of day.

When you smile upon the Bron, the road you choose is always right.



6 lbs Pale Liquid Extract
1.5 lbs Biscuit or Victory malt (grain)
1 lbs light brown sugar (Dave will get from grocery store)
.5 lbs Crystal 60 (grain)
.5 lbs Caramunich (grain)
.5 lbs Caravienne (grain)
One-tenth lbs Chocolate malt (grain)
One-tenth lbs roasted barley
One-tenth lbs Greg Mault


1 oz Goldings (if they’re out of Goldings, then Fuggles) (75% for boil, 25% for finishing)


European Ale


1 palm-sized bag of calcium chloride
1 palm-sized bag of calcium sulfate (aka gypsum)
1/2 teaspoon Irish moss


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