Elvis Special Bitter

FEST QUOTES: "Love me tender, love me true. Sweet and tasty, this beer's for you!" "Sort of like there is a special place in hell for people who talk in theaters, this has a special place on the bitter palate. Kind of like how bitter you would feel if you died on a toilet. Then … Continue reading Elvis Special Bitter


Samantha’s Abduction IPA

PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS: Hoppy haze topped with a thick, creamy head of fine bubbles and emanating a citrusy, flowery aroma. Apricot nose. Sweet, chewy, satisfying body. Boldly reverberating, mouth-watering finish. Blunts human senses. 40 percent sweet, 60 percent bitter. FEST QUOTES: "Piney smell. Really good. No malt, nice thin body. Good bitterness. Grapefruit finish lingering. … Continue reading Samantha’s Abduction IPA

Soursquatch Uncommon Grapefruit Steam Lager

A Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe Brewed March, 2016 OBJECTIVE: Moderately malty with toasty and caramel malt flavor. Earthy, spicy, with citrusy hop bite. Dry, crisp, and grainy finish. Aroma of grapefruit. No added acid, sourness, or tartness from fruit. ACTUAL OUTCOME: Amazing grapefruit aroma before sipping, great nose. Sourness of the grapefruit peel clobbers you from … Continue reading Soursquatch Uncommon Grapefruit Steam Lager