Elvis Special Bitter

Layger Brewhaus Elvis Special Bitter 800x667

FEST QUOTES: “Love me tender, love me true. Sweet and tasty, this beer’s for you!”

“Sort of like there is a special place in hell for people who talk in theaters, this has a special place on the bitter palate. Kind of like how bitter you would feel if you died on a toilet. Then again it would balance well with some peanut butter and bananas.”


Elvis Special Bitter
Based on ESB 1.1, Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) from BeerSmith

Brewed by Layger Brewhaus March 15, 2016

All Grain
5.5 gallon batch
Boil size: 8 gals
Boil time: 70 min
End of boil volume: 6.5 gals
Final bottling: 5 gals
Est. alcohol by volume: 5-7%


8 gals water
3 grams gypsum
2.5 grams calcium chloride
1.5 grams chalk
1.2 grams salt
.5 grams epsom salt

11 lbs pale malt base grains
1 lbs 9 oz crystal 150

.5 oz Challenger hops (bittering, 60 min boil)
.5 oz Target hops (bittering, 60 min boil)
.35 oz East Kent Goldings hops (flavoring, 15 min boil)
.2 oz Challenger hops (flavoring, 15 min boil)

White Labs #WLP013 London Ale yeast

Heat 8 gals water to 170 deg F.
Maintain step temp of 152 deg F for 60 min.
Fly sparge water: 2 gals at 168 deg F
Keg at 12.5 psi, 2.3 volumes of CO2, 45 deg F


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