Samantha’s Abduction IPA

Layger Brewhaus Samanthas Abduction IPA 800x667PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS: Hoppy haze topped with a thick, creamy head of fine bubbles and emanating a citrusy, flowery aroma. Apricot nose. Sweet, chewy, satisfying body. Boldly reverberating, mouth-watering finish. Blunts human senses. 40 percent sweet, 60 percent bitter.

FEST QUOTES: “Piney smell. Really good. No malt, nice thin body. Good bitterness. Grapefruit finish lingering. Liking this beer better and better.”

“I’m a sucker for the Citra Pucker!”


Samantha’s Abduction brewed by Layger Brewhaus September, 2017
Based on Citra Double IPA (Imperial IPA) from Can You Brew It Podcast

All Grain
Batch size 5.75 gals
Boil size 6.5 gals
Boil time 60 min
End of boil volume 6 gals
Final bottling 6 gals

Goal flavor: Double IPA with very complex malt flavors that are well matched by very tropical and fruity aromas and flavors from the large additions of Citra hops. Great head retention and clarity. Liked by many that don’t like IPA’s, loved by those that do.

Actual flavor: 

Prepare a yeast starter

8.5 gals water

13 lbs 2-row pale malt base grains
12 oz carapils/dextrine
12 oz caramel/crystal malt
12 oz munich malt
6 oz honey malt
6 oz white wheat malt

Heat 5 gals water to 159 deg F.
Mash grains in 5 gals water at 148 deg F for 60 min.
Batch sparge with 3 gals at 168 deg F.
Add water to reach 6.5 gals for boil.

1 oz Nugget bittering, boil 60 min
.75 oz Citra bittering, boil 30 min
1 whirlfloc tablet, boil 15 min
.75 oz Citra flavor, boil 15 min
.75 oz Citra flavor, boil 10 min
.75 oz Citra aroma, boil 5 min

White Labs #WLP001 California Ale yeast

Primary for about a week. Secondary for three weeks.

1.25 oz Citra, 12 days
.5 Amarillo Gold, 12 days
.75 oz Citra, 9 days
1 oz Amarillo Gold, 6 days
1.25 oz Citra, 3 days

Keg at 9 PSI


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