Elvis Special Bitter

FEST QUOTES: "Love me tender, love me true. Sweet and tasty, this beer's for you!" "Sort of like there is a special place in hell for people who talk in theaters, this has a special place on the bitter palate. Kind of like how bitter you would feel if you died on a toilet. Then … Continue reading Elvis Special Bitter


Samantha’s Abduction IPA

PROPERTIES AND CHARACTERISTICS: Hoppy haze topped with a thick, creamy head of fine bubbles and emanating a citrusy, flowery aroma. Apricot nose. Sweet, chewy, satisfying body. Boldly reverberating, mouth-watering finish. Blunts human senses. 40 percent sweet, 60 percent bitter. FEST QUOTES: "Piney smell. Really good. No malt, nice thin body. Good bitterness. Grapefruit finish lingering. … Continue reading Samantha’s Abduction IPA


DAVE: Say, Jonny, have you tried dis new McFlyPA? JON: McWhaddyasay? DAVE: McFlyPA! Named aftuh dat Irish guy from over in Hill Valley, I think it is. <pour> Bottoms up! <dramatic sip> JON: Wow! Now that’s somethin’ to write home about! Sweet up front, easy malts, a little hop bite on the back end...............if ya know what I mean! <sly wink> Recipe lost to time! Comments: "Intense, in your face bitterness. Just like Biff. Almost tastes like it has tannins. Can't be a chicken if you are gonna drink this 'til you are zazzled. But that bitterness slides off the tongue as if it's going 88 mph. Then it's back...to the future … Continue reading McFlyPA IPA

Empire Special Bitter

Beer Beta: Style: Extra Special Bitter Malts: light malt extract, Crystal Hops: Gallena, Challenger Yeast: London ESB Other: Irish moss Impressive. Most impressive. Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon Octobertheseventhfest comments: Missing! BREW IT Overview: This recipe is the English Extra Special Bitter (ESB) recipe from Stomp Them Grapes / Hop to It Homebrew store in Boulder, … Continue reading Empire Special Bitter

Steampunk Lager

Beer Beta: Style: California Common (aka "steam lager") Malts: pale malt extract, 80L English crystal malt Hops: Northern Brewer Yeast: California lager Other: Irish moss Anachronic Tonic Questions? Ask the Brewer: Jon Octobertheseventhfest comments: "Smooth lager with mild hopness overtones. Like the name invokes, this brew has a wonderful brass coloring that compliments its almost … Continue reading Steampunk Lager