Donkey Dunkel

A Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe DAVE: What about dat one? JON: Which one? DAVE: THAT one, the dark one way over dere. JON: Welllll, I dunno about dat one. DAVE: Whaddya mean? What’s wrong wit it? JON: Get dis -- it’s called “Donkey Dunkel”. DAVE: Ya’ kiddin’ me? JON: Would I do that? DAVE: Psh! C’mon now. Let’s give it the old heave ho. We’ll try it together. <pour, dramatic sip, look> BOTH: Dis lager kicks ass! Grab an ass. Comments: "This reflects the golden age of beers - unbelievable flavor and intensity...just like the dames in this joint." BREW IT 6 lbs Briess Munich liquid malt extract 1/2 lbs Caramunich malt 1/2 lbs Victory malt … Continue reading Donkey Dunkel