Saged Vice White IPA

JON: So have you tried dis here Saged Vice? It’s one uh dem “white beers” all da way from Miami. DAVE: Pour me a glass, wouldja, Jonny? <dramatic sip> DAVE: Dat’s great! Lemony nose, herbal body! JON: Mm hm! Recipe: Flown to Havana! Comments: "This tastes woody and sagey - I can't decide if it's beer brilliance … Continue reading Saged Vice White IPA



DAVE: Say, Jonny, have you tried dis new McFlyPA? JON: McWhaddyasay? DAVE: McFlyPA! Named aftuh dat Irish guy from over in Hill Valley, I think it is. <pour> Bottoms up! <dramatic sip> JON: Wow! Now that’s somethin’ to write home about! Sweet up front, easy malts, a little hop bite on the back end...............if ya know what I mean! <sly wink> Recipe lost to time! Comments: "Intense, in your face bitterness. Just like Biff. Almost tastes like it has tannins. Can't be a chicken if you are gonna drink this 'til you are zazzled. But that bitterness slides off the tongue as if it's going 88 mph. Then it's the future … Continue reading McFlyPA IPA