Tossed Salad Cucumbers & Celery Pilsner

A Layger Brewhaus Original Recipe JON: What about this Tossed Salad pilsner? Some whackjob from near Philly brewed it -- wit cucumbers and celery! DAVE: Quit yappin’ about it and pour me a glass, already! <dramatic sip>  DAVE: Mm, mm! A man could develop quite a thirst drinkin’ this beer. Rehydrate the Amish Way Comments: "It's like I am at one of those fancy schmancy hotels. You know, the one's that have that water jug at the desk? They have these cucumbers and things in 'em. It's like that. Or maybe I could drink it with some … Continue reading Tossed Salad Cucumbers & Celery Pilsner